The Travel

Vitamin Sea



Nothing beats a road trip to the the south east coast of our beloved Southern Africa, I mean who doesn’t Like Durban? Well not that Durban was our main interest but hey when 20 minutes away of Durban why not pop by and check out the golden mile? LoL at mile, anyway, Durban is fun and everything except for the part where Zulu people assume we all understand them, for a city that gets so many visitors you’d think at least the lifeguards spoke more than just Zulu and English right? wrong, but hey again Durban was not the Beyonce of this trip, we were there for a little fishing town outside of Durban called Bluff and man were we pleasantly surprised,


A house overlooking the ocean at the perfect angle, right in the face of the sun as it rises, every single morning that was my view, it was amazing, it didn’t even break the bank.

spent the 1st day checking out Durban itself, even took a tour bus, not much to see according to that tour, except for the many shopping centers in around the city, best part was when we stopped to look at Moses Mabida stadium, I’d be lying if I said it felt like 2010 again, it didn’t but it was quite the site to see,

Durban is great and everything, but the little town of Bluff has won my heart for sure,  when we got back to our quaint little home we vowed never to go back to Durban central and we just hung out on our clean little beach, collecting seashells, getting some much needed vitamin sea! This was a hard place to part with, I still to this day regret coming back to Joburg


The Food and Liqour


The Hometown Margarita


I was in Secunda recently to meet up with my best friends from childhood, had an amazing time catching up and laughing at each other while sipping on cocktails at this quaint place called Symphony’s Cafe, yes it is the middle of winter and yes I had a frozen margarita, worth the brain freeze and the shivering, it was delicious, simply put, it was one of the best I have ever had, it was salt rimmed heaven, zesty with the right amount of mint, definitely top 10.