The Food and Liqour

A Mistake


Also on one of my travels…inside Joburg ..where I live, I found myself in another American born eatery, well the Fourways South Africa version anyway, expectations were high, I was looking forward to seeing scantly clad ladies with big boobies serving up fresh hot saucy wings and drinks!!

Seeing as the place is so well known for their wings and me being a wing connoisseur myself i ordered the original hooters wings, the flavour that made them famous 30 years ago and some chili cheese fries, after waiting about 45 minutes for the wings ( no fries with them ) they were cold, decided to stay calm and I told the server she disappeared with them and came back 5 minutes later with lukewarm wings and finally the chili fries which were piping hot, still disappointed but starving so I dug in expecting fireworks and they kind of tasted ordinary ( I believe I already mentioned that I¬†was a wing connoisseur) all i could think was that American Tv has sold me so many dreams about food, I gave the coffee a chance, the Pizza, the donuts too, but I draw the line at disappointing chicken, that’s it i’m done, bring on the chesa nyama…… i’m so upset.



The Food and Liqour

From a Chicken Lover

Popeyes Chicken

I have always been curious of American brands especially food brands that make it to South Africa, so I was one of the people who were exceptionally excited when I found out that a Popeyes Chicken was opening up at Sandton City, but sadly all the chances I had to go to mall ended up with me not getting to sample the famous Louisiana chicken because the lines were so damn long, that gave me the impression that this might be some amazing chicken, man I was wrong, since there was no way i was ever going to stand in those lines, I had accepted that I would try it in a few months, so when I found out that one opened up at Eastgate mall and the line was shorter i jumped at the chance, Its Popeyes right America says its amazing…I too am supposed to think its amazing right? wrong.

So I ordered 4 wings/lets ( cost almost 30 bucks ) – which I felt wasn’t fair considering the size of the wings themselves as well as the flavour which was kind of basic- something they call a sandwich (which looked to me like a burger made of chicken breast) and some spicy chicken tenders with a chili mayo dip, one of my main mistakes was me assuming that the sandwich was a burger made with a whole chicken breast ( should have probably asked), turns out the sandwich is made up of 2 chicken tenders made to look like a burger, so in the end I had extra chicken tenders that just happened to be in a bun with some mayo lettuce and tomato, the highlight of my meal was definitely the tenders on their own and the chili mayo, they were very good, but certainly not worth the long lines