The Life

The Pressure

The Instagram age is making it harder and harder to be ordinary…

In fact ordinary has become the new swine flu…no one wants it, actually I believe if someone actually caught swine flu they would want to post about it on Instagram, I mean if your getting on a plane out of the country did it really happen if you didn’t post a picture of your Passport and boarding pass swiftly followed by a view of the planes wing? … yeah no we don’t believe you….you need more people.

You can’t put an outfit together and not show it to your adoring fans now can you? ….can’t repeat that outfit again though… that’s called a Fashion Faux Pas and everyone knows that if there’s a French term for your blunder your going to need an Olivia Pope.

Can’t go clubbing without being photographed in the VIP popping bottles of Mowey standing next to Mr/Ms Dj because “you guys know each other personally” ..first name basis and everything.

What does this mean for us ordinary people? Pressure! Pressure to look just as good, to do just as well if not better… shuuu sounds so exhausting… or you can just live your life… share whatever moments you feel are worth sharing, amazing pic quality or not, live your life, Ordinary or extra!


1 thought on “The Pressure”

  1. Incredible piece I couldn’t have said better from one pedi girl to another. Instagram will have you feeling like you non existent. If we can all just be ourselves, live our lives as it happens exactly how it happens.


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