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So the City of Johannesburg has some really cool spots to check out whether you’re a far away traveler a real Joburger or just passing through on your way somewhere else,this city has everything for everyone,

one of my personal favorite spots in this city is Maboneng, it’s a hipsters paradise also a cool kid fave, I personally am neither of those and I still managed to fall for that place, jam packed of chilled eatery’s and cool bars, suitable for day or night time fun and surprisingly budget friendly, hard not to love

I suggest you spend a whole day there and when your done having all that fun, head over to the hallmark house an upmarket hotel right in the Maboneng precinct, for a peaceful night sleep in the city, with a decent view!

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Vitamin Sea



Nothing beats a road trip to the the south east coast of our beloved Southern Africa, I mean who doesn’t Like Durban? Well not that Durban was our main interest but hey when 20 minutes away of Durban why not pop by and check out the golden mile? LoL at mile, anyway, Durban is fun and everything except for the part where Zulu people assume we all understand them, for a city that gets so many visitors you’d think at least the lifeguards spoke more than just Zulu and English right? wrong, but hey again Durban was not the Beyonce of this trip, we were there for a little fishing town outside of Durban called Bluff and man were we pleasantly surprised,


A house overlooking the ocean at the perfect angle, right in the face of the sun as it rises, every single morning that was my view, it was amazing, it didn’t even break the bank.

spent the 1st day checking out Durban itself, even took a tour bus, not much to see according to that tour, except for the many shopping centers in around the city, best part was when we stopped to look at Moses Mabida stadium, I’d be lying if I said it felt like 2010 again, it didn’t but it was quite the site to see,

Durban is great and everything, but the little town of Bluff has won my heart for sure,  when we got back to our quaint little home we vowed never to go back to Durban central and we just hung out on our clean little beach, collecting seashells, getting some much needed vitamin sea! This was a hard place to part with, I still to this day regret coming back to Joburg


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Just call it home


The Cradle of Humankind

An hour outside of our beloved Johannesburg is an entire world heritage site, not just a world heritage site but what I would consider the most important! as it turns out everyone is South African,

this is the place where human life itself began, the actual cradle of humankind, just as an fyi the cradle of humankind is the greater area not one set place, learnt that the hard way, the main attractions for the greater cradle of humankind area are the museum which is referred to as Maropeng which when I translated loosely via Sepedi means ruins or place of origin,  as well as the Sterkfontein caves, both of them literally housing history itself, the story of our cave dwelling forefathers and how they evolved into what we are today was very insightful, currently on exhibition is the story of homo Naledi and a few other hominids who were recently recovered by geologists, if your smart like the rest of us you’ll pay the R190 combo fee that gets you into Maropeng as well as the Sterkfontein caves which is where most of the hominid remains were found,


The Sterkfontein caves are the place where the infamous Mrs Ples was discovered as well as little foot (if you don’t know who they are a. how soon can you get your school fees back?, 2. Don’t worry the museum has all the information you need) unfortunately you won’t get to see exactly where they were found because those places are still under excavation but you will get experience where they have been lost for the past couple millions of years, its spine chilling stuff,

I strongly suggest you take the short drive and check out the past for yourself, definitely a 2017 highlight! Probably one of the best travel choices of this Pedi girl by far, only part that sucked about this whole experience was the sandwich I ordered from the restaurant at the Sterkfontein caves museum, otherwise insanely educational and beautiful views all around, South Africa is truly something special.


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Sun city



This was my first time at sun city and I have heard some great things, but uuhm yeah The palace of the lost city huh…. Well… very underwhelming, This place was probably one of my nightmares in living colour,

there were people everywhere, granted the 31st of December is peak of the peak season, but I was not expecting that many people and why did no one tell me that as a day visitor you have to park then take a train or a bus to the actual place, oh my God, what a schlep, definitely not prepared for that, the day wasn’t a complete waste though the company was amazing and the rides, regardless of the lines were tons of fun, so I guess haven’t completely written this place off, I will be back, with lots and lots of money,  splash a bit more, gamble a whole lot more on a very random day when everyone else Is preoccupied by work and school!


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Platinum Provincing


Kgaswane Game reserve.

Day 1 of 2018 I happened to find myself in 34 degree weather, in the home of Platinum, the home of Motswako, the infamous Rustenburg, just a short 2hrs outside of the hustle and bustle (I’m lying its December everyone is travelling as far away from the city as they can get so there is no hustle or well… bustle) of Johannesburg headed to the Kgaswane Nature reserve,IMG_4313.jpg

This place was nearly impossible to find, but wow what a gem, you’d think it would be easier to spot a mountain when you keep driving around but nope we got lost, like actually ended up in the middle of the road with nothing around us, could find the gate anywhere, fortunately we met a kind stranger who showed us the way and we did it, we found the gate, paid R40 per person and R20 for the car and headed on in determined to hike our way through the amazing landscape that was right before our eyes, we had to stop a few times just to take the views in, simply amazing, on our way to the hiking spot we got to see actual Zebras and a buck species I cant say, because well I don’t know them,


long story short, it was midday, sun was at its apex and it was just too hot to explore, but from the little that we did we are definitely going back! Perfect place to picnic, just breath taking, already planning the return

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A little Adventure Town


The free state province is soooooo dry! As in the grass is crunchy dry, Oh my word, I found this out when I hopped on the N1 and high tailed it out of Gauteng,

headed to a small, and I mean small town, called Parys (absolutely no affiliation to Paris France), for what was to be a day of activities, starting off with a short hike near the dome where a meteor fell and created a crater ( didn’t get to see that though sadly) and ending off with a little bit of nature padding which is like the little brother of white river rafting just less water, unless you fall in the river like i did.


The Hiking spot we ended up at was uuuh, interesting , Lots of black rocks and spots where the river used to pass, very serene, quiet enough for you to think, even with other people there…. even though those thoughts are probably of you wondering how the hell you can get out of that yard…

We didn’t leave though, stayed with, got to see a few good spots right along the river, found a few little puddles and short raging waters that we had to climb all over, at the end of it I was happy with the experience, crunchy grass and all.


Up next we headed to real adventure which was up the road where we were to do the nature paddling, this spot, although just up the road was a bit better, grass wasn’t less crunchy but the scenery on the water was, and we were excited to actually get inside the water and paddle while seeing the beauty of the Free State province.

moral of the story? I loved it! I always appreciate clean air and crunchy grass.


The Travel

A Hiking Spot and a half

Hennops Hiking Trail

This little gem is located about 30km’s outside of Pretoria, basically on your way to haartees.

This was my first attempt at this whole hiking thing and when I was told we’re doing an 8k my unfit ass was like hell noooooo.

But I was willing to learn and it was something I handn’t done before and I’m not one to back down from a new adventure, especially one that can contribute to my future sexy body (it exists it’s somewhere under my present body), at the end of it all I was disappointed in myself for never trying it, it’s affordable fun, it’s fresh air and amazing views, it felt like we were in a place far far away from civilization, it was well worth the climbing, slipping and sweating.

knowing that places like this existed in my country let alone in Gauteng was an eye  opener it is one of the reasons I started this little blog, the fact that immediate surroundings look like this and I had no idea about them or hadn’t bothered to learn about them made me want to see more and experience more, I have been so fortunate, and I am continually blessed.

Hennops is on my list of to be repeated! Don’t have plans to go there anytime soon but I’m already excited about how much fun I’ll have when I do go back. 

like i mean look at this place!?

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A Romantic View

Northcliff Tower

For Beginner Couple goals

I have spent the better half or let me actually say the entirety of my life assuming that the best view for a sunset was the Camps bay view in summer, man I was wrong and I’m so glad I was, one of the very few times that i like to be proven wrong.

My eyes have been recently introduced to the Beauty that is the view from the north cliff water tower in … well Northcliff..duh, again Gauteng is showing me just how ignorant I have been about SA Tourism.

The place has an insane view of Johannesburg as a whole, all the way from Midrand to the Ticket pro dome, you can see it all, and if your there at the right time you might be lucky enough to catch the sun go down on our beloved Joburg,


Beautiful spot for romantic picnicking and telling your significant other that they are the reason the place is beautiful (yeah right) did I mention that it costs zero rands to get in and get your view on? Yes I said free, I went twice in winter and both times I put up with the cold air because the view was worth it! It’s a cheap date, it’s super photogenic and worth the short trip, pack your fave snacks and drinks, grab your friends or the person your trying to impress and make an afternoon of it! 


The Food and Liqour

A Mistake


Also on one of my travels…inside Joburg ..where I live, I found myself in another American born eatery, well the Fourways South Africa version anyway, expectations were high, I was looking forward to seeing scantly clad ladies with big boobies serving up fresh hot saucy wings and drinks!!

Seeing as the place is so well known for their wings and me being a wing connoisseur myself i ordered the original hooters wings, the flavour that made them famous 30 years ago and some chili cheese fries, after waiting about 45 minutes for the wings ( no fries with them ) they were cold, decided to stay calm and I told the server she disappeared with them and came back 5 minutes later with lukewarm wings and finally the chili fries which were piping hot, still disappointed but starving so I dug in expecting fireworks and they kind of tasted ordinary ( I believe I already mentioned that I was a wing connoisseur) all i could think was that American Tv has sold me so many dreams about food, I gave the coffee a chance, the Pizza, the donuts too, but I draw the line at disappointing chicken, that’s it i’m done, bring on the chesa nyama…… i’m so upset.



The Food and Liqour

From a Chicken Lover

Popeyes Chicken

I have always been curious of American brands especially food brands that make it to South Africa, so I was one of the people who were exceptionally excited when I found out that a Popeyes Chicken was opening up at Sandton City, but sadly all the chances I had to go to mall ended up with me not getting to sample the famous Louisiana chicken because the lines were so damn long, that gave me the impression that this might be some amazing chicken, man I was wrong, since there was no way i was ever going to stand in those lines, I had accepted that I would try it in a few months, so when I found out that one opened up at Eastgate mall and the line was shorter i jumped at the chance, Its Popeyes right America says its amazing…I too am supposed to think its amazing right? wrong.

So I ordered 4 wings/lets ( cost almost 30 bucks ) – which I felt wasn’t fair considering the size of the wings themselves as well as the flavour which was kind of basic- something they call a sandwich (which looked to me like a burger made of chicken breast) and some spicy chicken tenders with a chili mayo dip, one of my main mistakes was me assuming that the sandwich was a burger made with a whole chicken breast ( should have probably asked), turns out the sandwich is made up of 2 chicken tenders made to look like a burger, so in the end I had extra chicken tenders that just happened to be in a bun with some mayo lettuce and tomato, the highlight of my meal was definitely the tenders on their own and the chili mayo, they were very good, but certainly not worth the long lines