Coke Studio Africa Makes an Epic Return to Your TV Screens this August

Coke Studio is doing things a little differently this year and introduces Coke Studio Africa 2017 to your TV screens on Saturday, 12 August at 6.05pm on e.tv. Don’t miss this new edition which sees The Coca-Cola Company, through their music flagship show Coke Studio, merging Coke Studio Africa and Coke Studio South Africa into one, bigger, better Coke Studio Africa 2017.


The first episode is jam packed with creative collaborations from the likes of South Africa’s Hip Hop maven Nasty C and Nigeria’s Runtown performing some legendary covers and creating a new, original track. Kenya’s Khaligraph Jones and Rwanda’s Bruce Melody thrill with a throwback performance and a big break show stopper by Tanzania’s Alikiba, Nigeria’s Patoranking and Ozane from Togo rounds off the cross-continental talent for the evening.


“This hit African music show is sure to bring together the continent’s numerous colourful and diverse cultures in a way that only music can. Coca-Cola South Africa is thrilled to be in its third year of providing African artists with a platform to discover and create, with the support of our longstanding relationship with e.tv. This season promises to introduce some new music styles to new audiences, for the very first time, bringing people together in a uniquely Coca-Cola way,” says Sharon Keith, Marketing Director for Coca-Cola Southern and East Africa.


Like the previous editions, Coke Studio aims to inspire and introduce Africa’s music talents to a wider audience through interaction, collaboration and cooperation amongst artists and producers, while also building a strong connection with Africa’s young and growing population. “Africa is full of great music talent across a wide range of communities, cities and countries, and Coke Studio Africa 2017 aims give these artists wider exposure, while enabling them to create inspirational new sounds,” conclude Keith.


To keep up with all Coke Studio Africa related information including artists, collaborations, lyrics and on-air dates, follow the hashtag #CokeStudioAfrica or find us online at the following pages:
Facebook: Coca-Cola – www.facebook.com/cocacola 
Blog: www.cokestudioafrica.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/cokestudioAfrica
Hashtag: #CokeStudioAfrica


The Food and Liqour

A Mistake


Also on one of my travels…inside Joburg ..where I live, I found myself in another American born eatery, well the Fourways South Africa version anyway, expectations were high, I was looking forward to seeing scantly clad ladies with big boobies serving up fresh hot saucy wings and drinks!!

Seeing as the place is so well known for their wings and me being a wing connoisseur myself i ordered the original hooters wings, the flavour that made them famous 30 years ago and some chili cheese fries, after waiting about 45 minutes for the wings ( no fries with them ) they were cold, decided to stay calm and I told the server she disappeared with them and came back 5 minutes later with lukewarm wings and finally the chili fries which were piping hot, still disappointed but starving so I dug in expecting fireworks and they kind of tasted ordinary ( I believe I already mentioned that I was a wing connoisseur) all i could think was that American Tv has sold me so many dreams about food, I gave the coffee a chance, the Pizza, the donuts too, but I draw the line at disappointing chicken, that’s it i’m done, bring on the chesa nyama…… i’m so upset.



The Food and Liqour

From a Chicken Lover

Popeyes Chicken

I have always been curious of American brands especially food brands that make it to South Africa, so I was one of the people who were exceptionally excited when I found out that a Popeyes Chicken was opening up at Sandton City, but sadly all the chances I had to go to mall ended up with me not getting to sample the famous Louisiana chicken because the lines were so damn long, that gave me the impression that this might be some amazing chicken, man I was wrong, since there was no way i was ever going to stand in those lines, I had accepted that I would try it in a few months, so when I found out that one opened up at Eastgate mall and the line was shorter i jumped at the chance, Its Popeyes right America says its amazing…I too am supposed to think its amazing right? wrong.

So I ordered 4 wings/lets ( cost almost 30 bucks ) – which I felt wasn’t fair considering the size of the wings themselves as well as the flavour which was kind of basic- something they call a sandwich (which looked to me like a burger made of chicken breast) and some spicy chicken tenders with a chili mayo dip, one of my main mistakes was me assuming that the sandwich was a burger made with a whole chicken breast ( should have probably asked), turns out the sandwich is made up of 2 chicken tenders made to look like a burger, so in the end I had extra chicken tenders that just happened to be in a bun with some mayo lettuce and tomato, the highlight of my meal was definitely the tenders on their own and the chili mayo, they were very good, but certainly not worth the long lines


The Travel

A Gem Reserve

Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve

Two words… Worth it

Deep in the South of Johannesburg…okay not that deep just a quick 10 minutes outside of central Johannesburg there’s a not so hidden gem that made my day, coming from what was a long week it was a welcomed distraction, the views from there … amazing… the air ,despite it being so close to Jozi, clean, the brochure said that it is the home of a diverse range of wildlife including Zebras but i wasn’t fortunate enough to spot one of those, that’s okay though because considering the fact that it costs zero Rands, yes R0. 00, for entrance, it’s a hiking spot I wont mind heading to out every now and again when I am in need of a little bit of a break from the bustle of my city.

The Travel

Iv’e got the travel bug

Where has Afrika Borwa been all of my life?

I have met a few foreigners in my very short life and quite a few of them say the exact same thing “do you know how beautiful your country is?” and each time my response is ‘aawww thanks we like it too”  but do i make any conscious efforts to see it? no… instead I have spent my life looking outwardly, wondering what the rest of the world has to offer, praying for a ” congratulations you have won a trip to…” stressing about how much a wanderlust anywhere but here would cost me, throughout all of that not once did it cross my mind to check out my own back yard, not once did I ask myself what tourists see in our land until I put myself in a tourists shoes.

One would think the Gauteng province has the least to offer when it comes to sights to see but it turns out that there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s me! i’m the problem I have been ignorant and lazy,  besides the preferred hot spots … your Hartebeespoort Dam your Vaal Dam… actually Dam’s in general ( I mean what is this obsession we have with posing next to large bodies of water?) the greater Johannesburg area on its own has alot to offer…yes large bodies of water included…

Germiston Lake in the middle of winter for example… how pretty is this?

So much more to see, i’m very excited to explore this big but small country making memories here and there and capturing them to relive over and over again!

Moral of this story…Love the land you are in

The Food and Liqour


The Hometown Margarita


I was in Secunda recently to meet up with my best friends from childhood, had an amazing time catching up and laughing at each other while sipping on cocktails at this quaint place called Symphony’s Cafe, yes it is the middle of winter and yes I had a frozen margarita, worth the brain freeze and the shivering, it was delicious, simply put, it was one of the best I have ever had, it was salt rimmed heaven, zesty with the right amount of mint, definitely top 10.

The Life

The Pressure

The Instagram age is making it harder and harder to be ordinary…

In fact ordinary has become the new swine flu…no one wants it, actually I believe if someone actually caught swine flu they would want to post about it on Instagram, I mean if your getting on a plane out of the country did it really happen if you didn’t post a picture of your Passport and boarding pass swiftly followed by a view of the planes wing? … yeah no we don’t believe you….you need more people.

You can’t put an outfit together and not show it to your adoring fans now can you? ….can’t repeat that outfit again though… that’s called a Fashion Faux Pas and everyone knows that if there’s a French term for your blunder your going to need an Olivia Pope.

Can’t go clubbing without being photographed in the VIP popping bottles of Mowey standing next to Mr/Ms Dj because “you guys know each other personally” ..first name basis and everything.

What does this mean for us ordinary people? Pressure! Pressure to look just as good, to do just as well if not better… shuuu sounds so exhausting… or you can just live your life… share whatever moments you feel are worth sharing, amazing pic quality or not, live your life, Ordinary or extra!